Helping You Win in the Employment Tribunal works with businesses like yours who find themselves in the Employment Tribunal.

We provide advice and representation so you have peace of mind and can get on with running your business.

How to ...

Complete an ET3

How to complete the ET3, the form you use to respond to the claim.

Find Information

Where to find information which will help with your defence, such as the ET3, legislation and previous cases.

Prepare for the Hearing

How to produce witness statements, provide 'disclosure/discovery' etc.

At the Employment Tribunal

What to do at the Hearing, how to examine and cross-examine witnesses.

We use videos on our site to help you through the process, we also provide text for each video which you can watch or download the notes accompanying each video.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help during the whole sorry episode - great advice & tactics, great explanations and I think the right result.
Simon, CEO of eCommerce Company

Ask Francis

Francis Wildman

We offer a free, half an hour telephone conversation with Francis Wildman where you can ask him questions about the case.
Please complete the form on our Contact Us page now and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We both want to send our thanks for everything you did to help us in this tribunal. I'm sure that without your help we would not have got the outcome we wanted.
Simon & Alison, small family business

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